About Communities Together

Communities Together Vision

Communities Together Stoke-on-Trent is being run as part of the national Community Led Support Programme.

The approach currently involves a network of over 30 organisations from the public, private and voluntary sector working in partnership with their communities to design and deliver different ways of working which maximise the strengths and community connections of people locally.

Communities Together want to ensure that:

Feel part of your local community

Everyone feels part of their local community and that their voice matters

Better health and well-being

People have better health and well-being, experience fewer inequalities and feel happier as a result

Access to training and education

There is a diverse range of accessible opportunities across education, employment, skills development and training (so that people can realise their aspirations)

Services for all of the community

Services are responsive, holistic and seamless, delivered in person centred ways that recognise & build on people’s strengths and contributions.

Community organisations feel empowered

People delivering services and support reflect the communities they serve, and are empowered to make decisions that enable people to get what they need when they need it

Funding for projects within the community

Strategic developments and commissioning arrangements reflect what matters to local people and help to join things up across organisational and geographic boundaries

Shared resources opportunities and ideas

Public services are resourceful, taking a shared approach to pooling and using local assets, all available resources, opportunities and ideas.

To find out more or learn how you can get involved please get in touch

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